Reasons to Choose a Registered Agent

Appointing a registered agent is crucial when you want to file business documents (or articles) to produce a corporation, LLC, LP, LLP, or similar type entity. Whenever your business is conducting business in a state that needs the organization to “qualify” (register a listing that provides them the best to conduct business as a coordinated corporate thing), a business owner should appoint a registered agent. In this case, documents that could be served with a process server are often defined as any legal event, legal opinion, or official government communication delivered to the company within a country’s jurisdiction. Laws usually require that any company doing business in a country be registered to operate in that country.¬†

Often, the owner of a company appoints an employee or family member as the registered agent. While it could save between $100 and $300 per year, depending on the company you employ, the risks to you, your friends, and your business can be much more significant. Therefore, it would be best to consider paying the annual fee charged by a registered agent. If you are doubtful, read the following reasons why opting for a registered agent is beneficial. Also, ensure to research some registered agents at Medium to find the right one for your company.

Manage the Privacy

forming LLC BusinessWhen you opt for registered agents, their names and address are publicly known on the internet. It often means that their personal information is available to anyone using an Internet connection. Thousands of miles away from where your company is registered, someone’s phone pulls information, including your agent’s title and address, right out of your area! That’s not the only place you can find this information. Anyone who walks into the agency can take a look at the files in the records office. That’s why when an agent is appointed, their name and address are posted in an easily accessible forum.

Documents served are served by a paid bailiff or court reporter. Even huge multinational companies choose professional registered agent providers to avoid the inconvenience of employees or customers attending an official summons service. Many of them live assuming that the registered agent doesn’t matter since they don’t expect to be served. While most people believe that we will never be part of a court proceeding, it happens that we end up talking to a service agent.

Save From Embarrassment

BusineswsImagine what people, including your vendors, employees, or customers, may think if they were in your company after a process server arrived. Please remember that if a claim is unjustified or unfounded, you still have to serve the documents. Suppose your customers and workers exist when these documents arrive, what understanding or image they have when they see a uniformed police officer or the posting of legal papers in your company.

Be Accessible 

A registered agent must be available at the registered address every business day from approximately 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to deliver the documents. The person named as your agent must be reachable during that working hours, too. Please note that you cannot have the person’s representative for the legal process to take place. Ensure that your appointment works well with the registered agents, so their time off or travel won’t affect yours.

Have More Experiences

If the mail carrier attempts to send files in the event of an email notification, your agent must go to the post office to sign certified letters and emails if unable to do so. In this case, they have already known about how long the trip to the post office will take since it is their responsibility. 

Also, when you use experience registered agents, they will not accept the improperly served documents. The agents would know what to do next if there is an issue, such as when the title on the documents is not your company’s name but a company with a similar reputation. If you do it yourself and accept these documents, you put yourself in legal jeopardy.