Things To Keep Off While On A Trip

Things To Keep Off While On A Trip

Going for a trip is something you should often do. It gives you time to take a break from your usual routine; know places and do things differently. You can also get family time and bond with each other. However, sometimes good trips could end up being a disaster. Doing things you are not supposed to, could endanger your safety or even scuttle your hopes for having a good time. Additionally, below are things to keep off generally, while on any trip.

Things to keep off while on a trip

Do not use cabs for commuting

Things To Keep Off While On A TripIf you are not going for the trip in your car, it is tempting that your next option would be to use a cab. Well, it might be the most logical decision, but it could cost you more. Cabs will charge more, and you even do not know or trust the guy behind the wheel. Public transport is the best way to commute while on your trip. It is not only cheap but also more convenient regarding accessing remote areas. You can also be assured of safety as you travel in groups.

Do not accept bags from strangers

I know you would like to be polite to everyone you meet during your trip. But that could be risky when you accept bags from strangers. Someone will ask you to help with their heavy bag, and you gladly accept to give a hand. You do not know what is in it. If it contains illegal stuff, you will be in for a shock.

Just politely decline and go on with your business. Let them hate you because all the love in this world will not save you if those bags are not what they seem to be.

Do not eat at airports or tourist sites

It is tempting that you eat the first place you come across during your trip. That could be at the arrival airport or a nearby tourist place. Their food is at least double the price and bad in quality. They are looking to make money from your ignorance. After all, you just arrived, and you may not know the local cuisines. Hold on to your hunger, and you will find a better place offering fair prices for quality foods.

Do not exchange money at airports

At airports, you will get the lowest exchange rates. You did not save for all those months only to roast your money with such unfair rates. Use a credit card or find an ATM. Here you will get close to interbank exchange rates.

Do not take pictures of other people without their approval

Things To Keep Off While On A TripTravel agents always warn people about taking other people pictures without their consent. It may seem ok that you take the photos and videos. However, those in your picture frame may not approve of your actions. It is best you avoid this temptation because you do not want to get in trouble with locals when you are thousands of miles away from home.

Your trip intention is always to have fun and get back home safely. As long as you do not do anything on this list, your trip will be memorable.