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Villains in Marvel Cinematic Universe

The MCU or “Marvel Cinematic Universe” begins with the first movie of Iron Man last 2008 created by Marvel Studios. The leading story creator of MCU was Mr. Stan Lee, who died last November 12, 2018. MCU movies are about heroism and actions wherein some good heroes will save the Earth and evil people who want to rule or destroy the planet Earth. But in this article, however, we will focus on the three Gamestar villains that were introduced to us.


He is inevitable. Thanos could be someone of us. He found that the folks of his homeworld of Titan became over-populated. Too many mouths cannot eat meals. Because of this, Thanos took it to acquire the Infinity Stones. With them, he’d be able to wipe out half of the planet’s inhabitants and “rescue” the rest of his homeland.

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This person is a great liar who enjoys playing hints. He desired to become King of Asgard, but Thor stopped his plans. Loki was able to escape, but he was struck with Thanos, staging a death. Thanos wage war to take the Tesseract from the possession of Loki. But in the very last remaining parts of MCU Phase 1, Loki became an ally to prevent Thanos from getting back again the Tesseract to be used to destroy the Earth.


She was trapped with Odin along with his life force on the Asgard. After Odin died, she was freed, leaving Thor and Loki to deal with her. She took the army of Asgard out and tossed them apart. For them to defeat Hela and save the remaining people of the Asgard, Loki summoned the greatest villain in the world of Asgard, which is Surtur.